Car Accident Lawyer’s Tips: Avoid Dangerous Drivers & Prevent Accidents

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Drivers should know that about 90 percent of all car accidents occur because of human error. Human error includes a lot of bad driver behavior that might include changing lanes without signaling, speeding, or not paying attention to the road. Of course, these are just some of the issues that could lead to a traffic accident, which is why a Salt Lake City car accident lawyer wants you to drive carefully. When you drive, you are sharing the responsibility of keeping other drivers safe. But some drivers should not be trusted, and you need to do what you can to stay safe. Joel H. Schwartz Lawyer can consult with you to help you with your case.

Tips to Spot Bad Drivers

One important lesson is to learn how to spot bad drivers, which should help you avoid a possible accident. Salt Lake City traffic is not as bad as other areas, but congestion can still rise to 14 percent. So it is important to look out for bad drivers, especially during the peak hours when congestion rises to approximately 33 percent. The peak hours are in the afternoon.

A sign that you might be driving near, or next to, a bad driver is if you see a driver tailgating another person or even you. You should try to safely get away from this vehicle, or let him pass you. The tailgating driver could get distracted by the smallest thing, and he or she can easily cause an accident (since they are driving so close), especially when considering Salt Lake City motorcycle accidents.

You might also want to pay attention to the way some people brake. The constant braker, even when there is no reason to brake, is a danger to him or herself as well as others. There are only a few reasons why a driver would brake all the time. It is possible that he or she is not paying attention to the road, which forces him or her to step on the brakes constantly. It is also possible that he or she is just trying to annoy a tailgater. Both of these are reckless and could lead to a major accident. Do your best to move away from this vehicle. Of course, there are other reasons why he or she might be pressing on the brakes this way, but these are some of the most dangerous reasons.

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You should pay attention to the way some people drive under bad weather conditions. Watch out for drivers who have not turned on their headlights or are driving faster than the rest of the traffic. Keep your distance from large trucks, because truck accidents are usually fatal.

Another sign of a bad driver is someone who passes cars on the right. In most instances, a car must pass on the left side. The fact of the matter is that most people check their left mirror more often than their right mirror. This is because most drivers do not expect a car to pass them on the right. Cars that insist on passing drivers on their right side are not being safe, so make sure you stay away from them.

If you notice a driver moving in and out of lanes erratically, this could mean that they are either dozing off or under the influence. Of course, it is important that you attempt to inform the cops about a bad driver to keep other drivers safe should the driving be that dangerous. But do not call while you are driving; safely pull off to the shoulder of the highway to make this call. Be sure to get the make, year, color, and license plate of the car.

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions, and they do not guarantee that you will not be in an accident. This is one of the reasons that you should always keep the number of a good Salt Lake City car accident lawyer, just in case.

Improve Driving Skills With Defensive Driving

Defensive driving holds some of the most important lessons. There are some classes in Salt Lake City that you can search for online. You can also call your local DMV to find a defensive driving class.

Defensive driving techniques might help you prevent or escape possible accidents. One tip offered in defensive driving is to always have an escape route. This means staying in a lane where you have at least two exit strategies. And it also means that you should avoid driving in between cars. Speed up or slow down should you be in that situation.

It is also important to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. Do not drive with just one hand. The recommended grip is the 9 and 3 o’clock grip. This means that one of your hands will be holding the wheel where you would imagine the 9 on a clock would be and the other hand where the 3 would be.

Remember that being alert is of the utmost importance, so keep distractions away, like phones. Be sure to stop driving if you feel tired, and take a nap should you need to.


Again, these are just a few suggestions, but there is a lot more that a good defensive driving school can teach you, so be sure to consider it. Hopefully all of these suggestions can keep you safe while driving. As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to find a Massachusetts automobile accident attorney so that you are prepared.